Make your own Crappy Graph!

Now you can join in on the fun! I created a web-based tool to make it possible for others to create Crappy Graphs using my classic graph design!

Actually, I'm just tired of people coming to me and saying "You should make a Crappy Graph that ______."

Anyway, let's cut to the chase. Here is the tool, and some simple instructions are below.


There are two tabs at the top right, "Graph Type" and "Tool Box". Choosing a Graph Type will switch the background from a grid (line graphs) and circles (venn diagrams)

Line Graphs: One important note for this Graph Type: Click on the "X-Axis" and "Y-Axis" to rename them.

Tool Box:

Brush: The brush is the key ingredient for line graphs. Once selected, just draw your line. No Undo or eraser, but check out the Grab tool if you make a mistake.

Text: With this tool, you can click on existing text fields to edit, or out in the open to create a new one.

Grab/Select: This is an extremely important and useful tool. To select an item, click it. To move an item, drag it (once it's selected). To rotate, click and drag the boxes on the selection box. To delete an item, select it, then hit the delete key on your keyboard.

Color Picker: This selection changes the color of the Brush Tool. Simply click the color you want to use and the Brush tool will become selected automatically.


Once your Crappy Graph is as awesome as you can get it, click the Submit button. A popup will appear and ask you to type in a title, nickname, and email address. All the fields are optional, but you really should put in something for each of them. When you submit that information, the tool will connect with my server. Be patient and let the process complete. If you leave the page before it is done, your graph will DIE and never be seen again. Once it has completed, you will be given a link to see your graph live on the site!