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by Workie

Crappy Graph - Stumble

21 Responses to “Stumble”

  1. Oddball Says:

    *sigh* its true

  2. Squirrel Says:

    yah, uninstall stumbleupon so you can go back in time :)
    still, true

  3. Jimmy Says:

    This graph didnt taste vey nice so i replaced it with breadcrumbs okay?

  4. meme Says:

    its like quitting smoking, you need to do it gradually, first limit yourself to 10 stumbles per hour then keep reducing... you can do it

  5. Paven Says:

    hmm i eheh incresse my productivity... for sure...

  6. angel rodriguez leon Says:

    jajaja yhea its really that ,i going to uninstall,even if that hurts my heart xD, cyaa!

  7. Adam McKerlie Says:

    This is exactly why I'm not allowed to install the toolbar at work :P

  8. Maris Thompson Says:

    I found this through stumbleupon.


  9. alex Says:

    Same here:P

  10. jenna Says:

    You are all tards.

  11. Robert Says:

    Nice one - but the truth is I founded this site because of SU :)

  12. steve Says:

    My productivity increased when the quality of stumbles took the nose-dive early in 2007.

  13. JOEY Says:


  14. Jaceeeeeeeie Says:

    hey mannn..wottav I stumbled upon ere then.. woooow, its a graph but wot does it meean man... is erm.. iss it near the end of the world guys.. ohh mannn, thats freaky chit. Now how do I gett out of here.. someone perleazz.. wheres the door...

  15. Sayne Says:

    Mozam - I wholeheartedly agree :)

    Jacee-w/e - That's the whole point of the graph. You stumbled here, and spent who knows how long reading thru the 39 comments. thus Stumble killed your productivity during that time - assuming you had anything better to do in the first place.

  16. will Says:

    i stumbledupon this page.

  17. John Smith Says:

    Am I doing something wrong? but my productivity has only increased.

  18. Charles Remmington Says:

    so..... is it 'cos i'm black?

  19. Munacra Says:

    change "productivity" to "quality" and let the graph keep going down for a more accurate graph.

  20. lore Says:

    OMG this is so true, I had a 10pg paper to write for class and I spent and hour and a half stumbling thru websites...needless to say I didnt get much work done. I actually stumbled onto this page...isn't that sad?

  21. Zhiwen Says:

    This graph goes backward in time. 0_o

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