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ink/time graph

by sarah_briarmoss

Crappy Graph - ink/time graph

7 Responses to “ink/time graph”

  1. Peter Says:

    Some how you always seem to amaze me?

  2. Cristian Says:

    What's truly amazing is how crappy this graph is.

  3. Ben Says:

    I am pretty sure it should be an exponential curve.

  4. Brian Says:

    That's a lot of red ink! Sarah, are you an English teacher? ;-)

  5. brad Says:

    can't be exponential. she'd have to write (spill ink?) faster and faster as an infinite amount of ink covers the page

  6. willie Says:

    it would be exponential brad. its area under the curve, so its the integral of the curve before it, if that makes any sense at all

  7. Sarah Says:

    Exponential curves are too hard to draw with a laptop mouse, though.

    Besides. It's a crappy graph, not a perfect graph.


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