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Web 2.0 Tools and Test Scores

by Katie

Crappy Graph - Web 2.0 Tools and Test Scores

13 Responses to “Web 2.0 Tools and Test Scores”

  1. Katie Says:


  2. Anonymous Crapper Says:

    That concept makes sense.

  3. Anonymous Crapper Says:

    Lovely color of blue

  4. Jen Says:


  5. Katie Says:

    Yes, I believe test scores will improve if students use Web 2.0 tools.

  6. Alexan Says:


  7. Pat Says:

    Nice crappy graph!!!

  8. Abraham Lincoln Says:

    Blue....nice color selection. Oh, and let's hope the Tools work!

  9. Linda Says:

    It seems likely this is true.

  10. Kari Says:

    I believe that Web 2.0 tools will help improve students' test scores.

  11. Courtney Says:

    I am hoping that this class is going to teach me how these tools may do just that! I am hoping to see a positive correlation on this scatter plot...haha!

  12. steve Says:

    Your graph obviously reflects several years of research on the relationship between test scores and Web 2.0 tools

  13. Chris Says:


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