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The only thing that Tina Fey and Sarah Palin have in common


Crappy Graph - The only thing that Tina Fey and Sarah Palin have in common

13 Responses to “The only thing that Tina Fey and Sarah Palin have in common”

  1. jim Says:

    That looks like some large lady parts.... Proportionally speaking, of course.

  2. MiaVee Says:

    I like the fact they coloured that area in purple, it's a nice touch

  3. Coco Alfonso Says:

    That's all most women have in common with Sarah Palin.

  4. ooh Says:

    Are those Tina Fey's "lady bits" overlapping Sarah Palin's "lady bits"?? What's going on here? ;)

  5. I'm smarter than you Says: + red = purple. Duh.

  6. MiaVee Says:

    but...but...they could have picked different colours D:

  7. SillyJilly Says:

    LOL @ ooh!!
    I know, right? Uh oh! ;P

  8. jlplkard Says:

    ooooh, thats hot!!! tina and sarah's lady bits are touching.

  9. dirty girl Says:

    is that master card or just master ....

    it's like you guys are smacking tushes and sharing a bunghole!! YAY!

  10. samal85 Says:

    Introduced to ven diagrams in the 3rd grade. Definitely would have paid more attention if this was the example Ms. McLaughlin used. Thanks, Lady Bits!

  11. filmtress Says:

    They have another thing in common...LIPSTICK!

  12. Anonymous Crapper Says:

    perhaps the blue is democrat and red is republican?

    or maybe it just happens to be the colors they used and theres nothing behind it whatsoever?

    its still funny as shit though, whatever the damn color. who cares about hta!

  13. Wendy Wells Says:

    Do Sarah's Lady Bits see Russia? Does Sarah know what her Lady Bits read for their news information?

    If Tina gets a hysterectomy, will the purple portion of the graph grow smaller?

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