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My ability to draw mountains over time

by Johnny Bigtime

Crappy Graph - My ability to draw mountains over time

11 Responses to “My ability to draw mountains over time”

  1. Spencer Says:

    That graph is a ripoff of an older comic. xkcd i think.

  2. Spencer Again Says:

    Sorry. The ripoff is of Demetri Martin instead from his Comedy Central special.

  3. JL Says:

    I'm with Brian on this. while it's not original its still damn funny! maybe he should have left demetri's name somewhere on the graph.

  4. Garrett Says:

    actually im pretty sure demetri martin never did this
    he did do the how cute u are and how much i like your cat graph
    but i dont think he did this

  5. God Says:

    He did do this, and i hate finding ripoffs around the web while stumbling. These people are just a waste of space.

  6. Perago_Sententia Says:

    His mistake was not citing the original work. People wouldn't have a problem with seeing a work reproduced, especially if it's as witty as this, as long as it didn't appear as though the duplicate was seeming to be flogged of as a new work.

    If you're reading this, Johnny Bigtime, you probably want to do something about that. XKCD is a very popular site; people will tend to get the wrong idea.

    That's if it IS the wrong idea. Is it?

  7. JOhn Says:

    yes, definitely a dimitry martin joke

  8. Lydia Says:

    haha Demetri Martin. I love him. And this.

    Even if it is a rip-off of his Comedy Central special I don't care. Because no matter who says it or posts it... it's hilarious.


  9. Tina Says:

    boy, all you people need to relax maybe the guy messed up. but you don't have to hang him. like you never made a mistake. take a fricking chill pill people if that is all it takes to send you on a spastic fit you will probably die at a very young age or you need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wakka wakka Says:

    like any good joke, my thanks to whoever created it and whoever passes it along

    a product manager included it in his presentation yesterday and i nearly fell out of my seat... strangely, maybe only 15% of the audience seemed to find it funny at all

  11. Tina doesn't understand Copyright Law Says:

    There's a huge difference between making a mistake and plagiarism. Learn.

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