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by thespianette

Crappy Graph - Republicans

15 Responses to “Republicans”

  1. ha Says:

    hahhahaha YESSS

  2. Buddylee Says:

    Poor people, women, and gays.... and anyone who cares about rights, but who also cries for towel heads yep that's democrats. Republicans, people who use God to get votes, while having their own share of malicious sinners such as Mark Foley, but actually have values and a sense of right and wrong, whereas Democrats do not think people can actually control themselves. In the middle is me and a minority of others who are actually not idiots. We can see what both parties are about, and where both parties are full of hypocrisy. Or maybe were called idiots cause we don't buy into the whole Repub vs Demo , and can see that it's the exact fight that's ruining this country. Hmm looking at it from that standpoint looks like the "Poor people, women, gays, and Republicans" are the idiots where the minority sees through the bullsh*t.

  3. ziggy Says:

    or maybe someone's waaaaaay overcomplicating things. I know it's fun for some people to get over-militant about politics...especially on the internet, where it's easy to drop a bomb, declaring yourself the winner, and escape retribution on the wings of anonymity. The only point of the cartoon, is if you're poor, female, or gay, and a republican, that's awfully silly of you.

    an oversimplfication, for sure, but it drives the point home without being too preachy.

  4. Me Says:

    Buddylee - You MUST be joking if you expect people to believe that all Republicans 'have values and a sense of right and wrong'. Is George Bush not a classic example of the opposite of your statement?

  5. anon Says:

    Democrats b*tch alot

  6. John Wayne Says:

    Cute graph. Buddylee, it's people like YOU who are ruining the country. People who are content to lap up the simplistic thirty-second sound bite view of politics put forth in this country by the vast majority of our media. You obviously have a very tenuous grasp on what either party's major platforms are, and my only hope is that you are so disgusted with the "whole Repub vs Demo" thing that you elect not to exercise your vote.

  7. Steve Says:

    Buddylee, you have ENTIRELY misunderstood the diagram... the implication is that people who are poor, women or gay AND republican are idiots (because we all know republicans are white, middle aged, middle class, good, straight, christian men).

    Jesus, I'm a brit and I got it.

  8. pyxl Says:

    As a poor, gay, female republican it offends me to be put in a graph. I didn't give my permission to be digitized. Further, I don't like being represented as a purple vulva.

  9. Sebastian Werkman Says:

    Hey! :( I'm a poor gay republican... I'm offended now. I do like the color purple, though.

  10. James Workman Says:

    So....? Idiot must stand for Individuals Doing Important Observations Thank-you! lol. No seriously, most of you on extreme sides of this graph need to learn how compromise works. The US is loosing it's grasp as a Super Power because you idiots can't get along and get some important work done.

    BTW: I wonder what a poor gay republican looks like.

  11. Anonymous Crapper Says:

    Its funny how people get so butt hurt about funny charts. I like it. But Republicans really aren't like republicans use to be. Idiot purple (Independant) seems to be the smart choice these days. WHAT AM I SAYING?!?!1!!

  12. Casey Says:

    Figure it out, people.

  13. Hugh Jass Says:

    Poor people who vote Republican could be idiots, or more likely they believe in self reliance and earning for themselves, rather than forcing other people to give up their hard earned possessions.

  14. doc Says:

    you forgot the tree huggers, the not gay but overly masculine females, the terminally indecisive flip flopping to whatever side benefits themselves at the time, and the people that sware they didnt know a blow job was actually sex on national tv while under oath, in the blue side.

  15. Bowen Says:

    You forgot black people, black republicans are equally retarded. And before someone jumps on me, YES I know the republicans freed the slaves, but times have changed you racist dicks.

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