The Reading Capability of Middle Management

One of my favorite comic strips of all time, Dilbert, consistently bashes middle management personnel for not exactly being the most lubricated gears in the company clock.

Brian Shaler - Reading Capability of Middle Management

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21 Responses to “The Reading Capability of Middle Management”

  1. Big Eclipse Says:

    Ha! Nuff said.

  2. Cheesemeister Says:

    That’s certainly the truth!

  3. Jackie Prentice Says:

    I love Dilbert! More later

  4. ThickShyMamita Says:

    Funny! Another Dilbert fan here!

  5. Nathanael B Says:

    Ha so true - although my last boss claimed to be from a journalistic background … but his reading and writing abilities negated the credibility of his claims!

  6. Medullaman Says:

    I love these ideas. good stuff! Keep up the good work!

  7. June83 Says:

    that is good ,now I have excuse to explain to my mum why I am getting stupid.

  8. Paul Caskey Says:

    Hmm. I see a pretty picture with lines. Now if only I could read the big words at the bottom. I can’t quite figure out what it means.

    (Middle manager)

  9. Stussy girl Says:

    This is the most true crappy graph I have ever seen

  10. digginestdogg Says:

    I think it applies to Congress/politicians as well now that we know most of those who voted for the Iraq invasion never actaully read the reports on IRaq by the intelligence organizations. And that’s not funny–it’s really, really sad. I can always leave a poorly run company, but leave a poorly run country? Not easily.

  11. Sara Says:

    I have to report to those fools! Genius.

    not the most lubricated gears in the company clock … ahahahaha funny

  12. Joe Chiappetta Says:

    This can be so true. I should know… I am not a great reader and (drumroll) a middle manager!

  13. warley Says:


    make a graph from diggendogg’s comment. Somthing about polits.

  14. Stu Says:

    That holds true for spelling as well!

  15. larry Says:

    yah - need this on the back side of the first graph T - going to print! I need the contact so I can order these for distribution.

  16. Tim McCormack Says:

    Is it a Crappy Graph because the dependent variable and the independent variable have been switched? ^.~

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