Do You Want Quality? Or Do You Want It On Time?

This can be applied anywhere in the service industry, but it uses terms specific to software development. A “code freeze” is a period of time in which no changes can be made to the code, often for Quality Assurance testing. This means it is a deadline in which features need to be implemented, sometimes at the expense of writing messier code in order to make the deadline.

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2 Responses to “Do You Want Quality? Or Do You Want It On Time?”

  1. just.a.guy Says:

    The graph is inverted on the X-axis, given the description. Meaning, it should be downsloping if t=0 (Hours remaining until code freeze) is on the left, which would be the nromal convention?

  2. Matt` Says:

    There’s potential for a 3-axis graph here - quality against time to build against cost.

    You can have it good and quick, but it’ll cost you.
    You can have it good and cheap, but you’ll have to wait.
    You can have it quick and cheap, but it’ll be crap.

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