Dear Friends..

This post is directed to all Crappy Graphs visitors who have the StumbleUpon toolbar installed.

As the more frequent visitors may know, Crappy Graphs was offline for several days last week. An interesting but unfortunate side-effect of the downtime was a loss of reputation with StumbleUpon. Leading up to the hosting disaster, Crappy Graphs was receiving several thousand visitors a day from StumbleUpon. During the days of downtime, users directed to Crappy Graphs probably gave it a thumbs down because it did not load.

How to get them back

The best way to get the viewers back is to ask people to go to the user submission section and click “I like it!” on their favorite graphs.

I can see which are the most popular and I can find out who was the first user to submit a page to StumbleUpon. It seems like it would be a good idea to offer up some kind of prize to people who are the first to submit the graphs that end up getting the most views. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Dear Friends..”

  1. Fabian Says:

    No graph this week? =(

    And I shall.

  2. Blissfulpain Says:

    Stumbleupon users are too fleeting… we don’t spend more the a few seconds on each page if it’s not immediately funny or interesting in the first few sentences. So I wouldn’t worry about the thumbdowns during site outage. Just keep new, amusing content coming and you’ll get plenty of hits.

  3. blah Says:

    I thumb down any stumble site that is geared towards generating hits for money and advertising. Yes, I thumbed down this site for being stumblespam.

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