Deadlines = Caffeine

Brian Shaler - Deadlines = Caffeine

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20 Responses to “Deadlines = Caffeine”

  1. Stussy girl Says:

    This is a very cool crappy graph, this is how I’m going to feel when I go to work tonight LOL.

  2. warley Says:

    Need to get that in a black shirt!

  3. Medullaman Says:

    I cn verify the validity of this graph. This has happened to me several times!!!

  4. Marta Says:

    Jajaja, muy bueno. Totalmente cierto, pero a mí me pasa sin necesidad de cafeina. Qué estresss

  5. catmum Says:

    heck, forget deadlines, just give me caffeine in my bloodstream

  6. Chris Says:

    Another crappy graph. What kind of a site is this anyways?? ;-)

  7. Consumer Says:

    Great stuff! Reminds me of “Indexed”

  8. Oli Says:

    Love this one! Fits so perfect for my job in an ad-agency…

  9. Brian Says:

    Oli, I work at an ad-agency, too.

    I encounter this effect on a fairly regular basis.. almost every deadline.

  10. Anna Says:

    that would be so funny if it wasn’t so true… *sighs and goes back to Java*

  11. Travis Seitler Says:

    Ooh, this is exactly what I need to explain my coffee-drinking habits to my wife…

  12. Alex Gogan Says:

    Going to print this puppy out and give it to my techies. My problem is have no more blood, have nice 100% coffee though lads know if we run out just cut me a bit and there is loads more to brew >:¬}

  13. Nathanael B Says:

    That’s freakin awesome! Love the splash-out!

  14. Nathanael B Says:

    … although the blood should change colour as the caffeine level increases :-)

  15. Brian Says:

    Then at the top it would either be Coffee-Brown or Redbull-Yellow (Redbull is yellowish, isn’t it?)

  16. Coby Says:

    This is the graph I want on a t-shirt!

  17. Joshua Says:

    good lord! so True, this is awesome.

  18. computer mouses Says:

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