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Two.. More… Pages….

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Just because I’m a college dropout doesn’t mean I can’t sympathize with people who are in the trenches, doing the homework. I don’t recall writing any term papers (that doesn’t mean none were assigned), but I had some writing assignments back in high school that required this strategy:

Graph drawn by Kazart

Dear Friends..

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

This post is directed to all Crappy Graphs visitors who have the StumbleUpon toolbar installed.

As the more frequent visitors may know, Crappy Graphs was offline for several days last week. An interesting but unfortunate side-effect of the downtime was a loss of reputation with StumbleUpon. Leading up to the hosting disaster, Crappy Graphs was receiving several thousand visitors a day from StumbleUpon. During the days of downtime, users directed to Crappy Graphs probably gave it a thumbs down because it did not load.

How to get them back

The best way to get the viewers back is to ask people to go to the user submission section and click “I like it!” on their favorite graphs.

I can see which are the most popular and I can find out who was the first user to submit a page to StumbleUpon. It seems like it would be a good idea to offer up some kind of prize to people who are the first to submit the graphs that end up getting the most views. What do you think?


Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Derek Neighbors posted a great graph about PowerThirst. It’s a great viral video exaggerating the hype around and effect of energy drinks.

If you haven’t seen the video, you should check it out:

It’s Been A Long Week For Crappy Graphs

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Some of you may have noticed that was completely unavailable most of this week.

When I woke up on Monday morning, the server that hosts and quite a few of my other sites vanished from the face of the Internet. I received no contact from my host and there was no mention of the downtime on their web site. After two support inquiries went ignored (one email and one through their support system), I decided not to sit and wait. I needed to get the site up and running somewhere else.

I set up an alias at my primary web host for and redirected the domain. Unfortunately, I still don’t know the secret magical name servers that will get it to work. After trying quite a few times (and waiting a little while for the DNS changes to propagate), I decided to transfer the domain to my account with that host. The process of adding new domains to that hosting account is trivial when the domain is in their control. I paid some money, started the transfer, and inputted all the authorization codes at my disposal.

Another day goes by and my primary host still shows “waiting for current registrar’s approval.” I had entered the EPP code from my other registrar’s web interface and it seemed to have been accepted. I checked the site a few more times to see if there is a button somewhere to give a final authorization. I had performed a transfer like this between the same two registrars, and didn’t recall having this additional step.

My crappy host came back online this morning (though it didn’t last through the day before going back offline). Unfortunately for CrappyGraphs, I could not change the name servers back until after the domain transfer process was complete. Yes, much profanity ensued. What compounded the emotional distress was that both registrars were saying the transfer could take 5-7 days.

It is currently 1AM on Wednesday, almost 72 hours after CrappyGraphs was dropped from the Internet. I am relieved to be able to say that the site has been completely restored, including all blog posts, user submitted graphs, and comments. The site is currently running on a new host which will contain most of my side projects.

I was going to transfer the site to my primary host because it was an emergency, but I ended up getting a new secondary hosting account at another company. This is great for Crappy Graphs because the database and page functionality will reside on the secondary host, but all graph images will be pulled from my primary host (where they have been all this time, fortunately). This load balancing helps Crappy Graphs run as smoothly as possible.

Thanks for being a part of this community. Thanks for being patient while I brought Crappy Graphs back online. Thanks for drawing great Crappy Graphs. You may now resume the festivities!

The Price You Pay For Free Food

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

Crappy Graphs fan Outcast used the user submission tool to visualize what he goes through to get free food. Yes, one of the best things about visiting the family for the holidays is the free food. Unfortunately, one of the worst things about visiting the family for the holidays is… visiting the family for the holidays.